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ASAP restoration understands the devastation that comes along with a disaster in your home or business. Even worse, there are so many areas of concern for a property. It is imperative that you have a trusted fire damage company, mold removal company, water restoration company, flood damage cleanup company, cleaning and disinfection company, asbestos removal company, and lead paint abatement company on speed dial. Fortunately for Atlanta, GA residents, ASAP Restoration is your one-stop shop for professional restoration services, cleaning, environmental cleanup, and reconstruction. ASAP Restoration understands that your priority is to minimize the impacts of the disaster and restore your property to its original condition. Our technicians are specially trained to handle restoration services projects of any size from beginning to end. 

Water Damage Restoration

The moment you suspect, or find, water damage in your home or business, it’s important to contact a professional water restoration company like ASAP Restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration

At ASAP Restoration we know that there is no convenient time to have fire damage affect your home or business, so we remain available 24 hours a day to help you when you need it most.

Mold Removal Services

Our team of mold removal and mold remediation professionals can test the air for heightened levels of mold as well as quickly identify and isolate any growth.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Floods are a major emergency leading to extensive damages if left unchecked. Contact your local restoration professionals when you’re dealing with flood damage.

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Why You Should Call ASAP Restoration

24/7 Emergency Services

At ASAP Restoration, we understand that disasters are never convenient. We offer emergency restoration services, available 24/7. 

Quick Estimates

Quick and accurate estimates are vitally important to the restoration process ensuring that the excess damage to your home or business is minimized.

Accurate Start/End Timeline

Following a free inspection, ASAP Restoration will provide you with an estimate that includes accurate start to finish timelines so you know what to expect.

Certified Technicians

ASAP Restoration employs a team of highly experiences, professionally trained and IICRC certified technicians.

Immediate Response

We are your local restoration company available 24/7, and that means that our team is always ready for your restoration needs.

Supporting Local Community

ASAP Restoration has years of experience helping citizens and business owners when disasters strike the greater Atlanta area.

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24/7 365 Days A Year

The need for residential or commercial restoration services can put your life on hold. ASAP Restoration handles all of your home disaster cleanup needs under one roof. If you find water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, lead, asbestos, mold damage, have flood damage, or need cleaning services, we have your back. ASAP Restoration is your go-to water damage Atlanta and fire damage Atlanta restoration company. We have a dedicated crew of certified technicians take care of your home as if it is their own.

ASAP Restoration Is Your Local Atlanta Restoration Company