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ASAP Restoration Disinfectant Cleaning Services

Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing homes and commercial properties is a job best left to professionals. At ASAP Restoration, upon receiving your call, we will send out one of our sanitization specialists to conduct a free site inspection to determine areas of concern and help formulate a concise cleaning plan. The best reason to call ASAP when you need disinfectant cleaning service on your property is that our sanitization team has access to advanced equipment and ample experience in residential disinfecting and commercial sanitization.

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Our Disinfectant Cleaning Process

When you discover, or are concerned that your property may have, any level of contamination, don’t hesitate to call the experts at ASAP Restoration to start addressing the problem. The first thing we will do is send out on of our licensed restoration technicians to inspect your property and determine the extent of the contamination. With the information extracted from the inspection, our team will work together to devise a cleaning and disinfecting plan to get your home or business back to its pre-contamination condition.

The cleaning stage is our first step in getting your property back to normal. Our sanitization team will reposition or remove any items that are inhibiting the cleaning process, then get to work washing, spraying, wiping, vacuuming, etc. to completely prepare the area for disinfecting.

Contamination is not something to take lightly. Depending on the source of the contamination, exposure could lead to serious health risks, so before jumping on to the disinfecting stage of this process, our team will complete a cleaning inspection. This second inspection will essentially involve a walkthrough with a thorough evaluation of the current cleanliness and looking for any additional problem areas that need attention.

Once your property has passed the cleaning inspection, our team will begin the disinfecting and sanitizing stage. In this step, ASAP Restoration uses industrial grade, yet still 100% safe, disinfectant to ensure that your home or business is completely sanitized.

Sanitizing Services You Can Trust

Some sanitization companies will simply apply chemicals to the surfaces in your home or business and consider that a job well done. ASAP Restoration puts health and safety above all else, which means that we go to all lengths to completely clean and prep your property before strategically applying our disinfecting chemicals.

It also means that choosing which chemicals and sprays we use, we opt for EPA registered sanitizing solutions that are completely safe for all surfaces including those that will come into contact with food.

Cleaning Services

Quick Estimates

ASAP Restoration offers quick and accurate estimates. This estimate will concisely outline our restoration plan along with an estimated start to finish timeline.

Professional Sanitization

With significant experience in the cleaning and sanitizing industry, ASAP Restoration knows what it takes to completely disinfect your property.

Safety First

Our dedication to safety starts with our mindset. At ASAP Restoration, we utilize PPE to protect our team and we use EPA registered solutions to protect your home or business.