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The Importance Of Certified Lead Removal

Throughout history lead-based paint has been used in recreational and commercial applications because of its long term durability. However, as time went on the lead poisoning caused a public health concern, leading to the US government banning consumer uses of lead-containing paint in 1978. Because the lead from paint, including lead-contaminated dust, is one of the most common causes of lead poisoning, the EPA requires individuals and restoration companies who perform lead abatement projects in pre-1978 buildings to be certified and follow specific work practices.

Lead removal services involve specialized techniques, requiring certified professionals, in order to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. If your property was built prior to 1978, and you suspect there are traces of lead in the paint, we suggest hiring a professional lead removal company to test for lead, then remove all affected surfaces. ASAP Restoration is a full-service lead abatement and lead removal company with ample experience in the industry. If you suspect lead in your home, call ASAP Restoration today!

Where is Lead Found?

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Our Lead Removal Process

If you are concerned about the presence of lead in your home or business, call ASAP Restoration to receive a professional inspection and assessment immediately. Our lead inspection experts will be able to test, and identify any existing lead risks whether that be in the air, the water, or on building materials. From here we will assess the situation and establish a couple options for complete removal or managing the issue at hand.

If your home or business tests positive for lead, we set up containment.  This involves removing furniture and rugs so lead dust does not contaminate any fibers. Plastic sheets cover floors and edges to ensure the lead is not spread during removal.  Our technicians shut off the HVAC system to prevent lead from contaminating other areas of the premises. 

At ASAP Restoration, as soon as we have worked out our treatment plan, our team of certified lead removal technicians will get to work removing the lead in your home or business. Our technicians will utilize a number of specialized techniques and equipment to safely and effectively remove the lead-containing paint from your property. For instance, wet removal involves dampening affected surfaces to lessen the chances of dust spreading. The damp surfaces are then scraped and chipped away. Next, a sanding sponge removes paint from challenging areas such as windows and baseboards. We won’t stop until all traces of lead are removed.

Removing paint is a messy process, but when you are dealing with lead containing paint, the safe and controlled removal of this mess is vitally important. Our team of lead removal professionals will follow and exceed the government mandated guidelines for proper and safe lead paint disposal. We take this step seriously i order to ensure the safety of you, your family and the future of your property and our planet.

As will all of our restoration services, ASAP Restoration can help you from start to finish. By this we mean that, as a licensed general contractor, we are prepared and certified to complete all of your restoration repairs and remodeling jobs. In this application we can complete any necessary structural repairs and repaint any affected areas that were worked on throughout the restoration process.

What Does Lead Removal Involve?

Lead removal includes a number of methods used to permanently get rid of
lead-paint hazards. There are four basic techniques used in the process of lead removal:

  1. Replacement: Removing any materials that have lead-based paint on it and simply replacing it with a new one.
  2. Enclosure: This is a temporary remedy which involves covering any lead-based paint with a solid barrier.
  3. Encapsulation: Similar to enclosure, this method involves coating the lead based paint with a non toxic alternative.
  4. Paint Removal
Lead Removal

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Lead is incredibly toxic and hazardous. The heavy metal was used through the late 1970s in paint to create a durable product to withstand the test of time and the weather. While undisturbed lead paint that is not chipping does not pose a health threat, old lead paint often deteriorates, creating a dust that contaminates your home. Long-term exposure to lead can lead to lead poisoning  in both kids and adults. It is not uncommon to have asymptomatic lead poisoning until the exposure reaches high levels. Because lead has a slow excretion rate, continued exposure leads to worsening health conditions. Below, you’ll find the common symptoms of lead poisoning. 

Lead Poisoning Symptoms in Children

Lead Poisoning Symptoms in Adults

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ASAP Restoration offers quick and accurate estimates. This estimate will concisely outline our restoration plan along with an estimated start to finish timeline.

Certified Lead Removal

Lead is nothing to take lightly. Our team of lead removal professionals are not only certified but heavily experienced in the safe removal of lead from your home or business.

Safe & Effective

The most important reason to hire a professional lead removal company is to be confident that any problematic lead will be removed safely and effectively.