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When you have a water emergency such as a broken pipe or appliance malfunction, you need to act fast. Finding an Atlanta GA water restoration company to handle water removal and water extraction is essential as time is of the essence. Delays equate to secondary damage such as mold growth and structural collapse. Water damage Atlanta GA creates a myriad of issues, including warping, swelling of floors and furniture, and weakening structures. ASAP Restoration expertly mitigates these hazards with immediate water damage restoration. Our IICRC-certified restoration experts care for your home or business as if it was their own.

ASAP Restoration provides water damage restoration services in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities. Our team responds 24/7, 365 days a year to minimize water damages from any of the common sources of water damage. We work closely with your insurance company to develop a scope of work and estimate for water removal, flood damage restoration, and water damage restoration. The trained experts at ASAP Restoration understand just how overwhelming finding water damage can be. For this reason, we ease your anxiety with the highest-quality services and expertise.

Common Causes Of Water Damage

A broken or leaking pipe, clogged toilet, or mystery moisture often starts as a small, seemingly minor problem. In actuality, it is critical to take action immediately to prevent a major water restoration disaster. When you have standing water in your property, a professional response from a water restoration company is required. This is why ASAP Restoration offers water restoration services for the following common causes of water damage: 

Leaky Appliances
Storm Damage
Burst Pipe
Toilet Overflows

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The Water Damage Atlanta Restoration Process

ASAP Restoration responds 24/7, 365 days a year, to all water damage Atlanta GA emergency calls. After a water disaster, call ASAP at (404)-383-6520.

After receiving your call, ASAP dispatches a qualified inspector to evaluate the  severity of the water damage.

When dealing with water damage Atlanta GA, we utilize subversive pumps for continuous pumping. Truck-mounted and portable extraction units completely remove the water from the property. Infrared cameras help us find hidden water behind walls and ceilings.

With the majority of water extracted, moisture levels of floors, walls and furniture are monitored. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers prevent swelling and warping. Air-movers evaporate remaining moisture.

Various cleaning methods restore furniture, upholstery and other items to their prior condition. Our methods include drying and cleaning, abrasive cleaning, spraying, wiping and more. No matter which is best suited for your property,  your home or business will look brand new. Air scrubbers and fogging equipment eliminate odors.

ASAP Restoration completes all water damage repairs, including installation of drywall, repairs to hardwood, installation of carpets, and painting of affected rooms.

Water Removal Services Atlanta GA

After experiencing water damage in your Atlanta property, a quick response is crucial. As the most reputable water damage Atlanta GA restoration company, we bring all of the necessary water removal equipment and water damage restoration expertise to restore your home or business.

Water damage restoration involves more than just pumping the standing water out. Rather, it includes water damage mitigation, drying, dehumidification, water removal, water cleanup, and water damage repairs. Our water damage Atlanta GA process involves eliminating excess water by:

  • Pumping out freestanding water
  • Extracting water from carpets, pads and upholstery
  • Drying contents to mitigate potential microbial growth
  • Locating hidden pockets of water using special equipment
  • Dehumidification (removing water from the air)

Water Damage Repairs in Atlanta, GA

ASAP Restoration is fully equipped to handle water damage problems of any size, including: broken pipes, sewer line breaks, overflows, malfunctioning appliances, and more.

We professionally repair all water damage to restore your home or business. Your safety is our top priority, and our ultimate goal is to make seamless water damage repairs to complement your existing structure. We work to restore your property to its pre-loss condition with the least amount of stress possible.

ASAP Restoration responds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a licensed and certified water damage repair technician in Atlanta, GA and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Quick Estimates

ASAP Restoration offers quick and accurate estimates. This estimate will concisely outline our restoration plan along with an estimated start to finish timeline.

Certified Restoration

ASAP Restoration employs a team of highly trained and fully certified technicians. We work together to make sure your home or business restoration is done right.

24/7 Response

Flooding is a disaster that just can’t wait until the morning to be fixed. When you need water damage restoration, call ASAP to get help 24 hours a day.